Monday, July 9, 2012

Wheels Up

So everyone has left. They are on the road to London. The horses shipped out last night, and flew out at 3 a.m. this morning. The riders left yesterday afternoon, and the grooms just left. I hated saying goodbye to everyone, but I have promises from the grooms that they will keep me up to date. I apologize for not posting anything sooner, however I did not think you all would be very interested in my day to day activities, because other than helping out in the office there was really not that much going on. However I have been taking pictures so here is what has been happening this past week:

Rafalca go a compression suit because of the whole Colbert thing. If you have not watched it, go and do so, it is hilarious! So Bloomberg News and NBC came out to see Jan and Rafalca

One of the photographers.

My workspace. It is great! Lots of room to blog, work on homework, answer phones, ect.

NBC interviewing Jan.

Alright! Now for last nights pictures!
Hi Rafalca! 

                                                      Dawn (Steffen's groom) and Ravel

                                                                       The horse trailer
                                       From Left to Right: Me, Dawn, and Lauren (Tina's groom)
Me and Lauren

                                                  Rubin and Wizard getting ready to load
  From this picture (sorry about the terrible quality) you can kind of see how huge this horse trailer was.
                                                                  Paragon loading

                                                                     Me and Jan.

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