Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Champs Have Arrived

Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of watching a few of the dressage Olympic hopefuls school that morning and later that afternoon. Jan Ebeling with Rafalca, Adrienne Lyle walking around on Wizard. And I met Kathleen and a few more. Later that afternoon there was a social event that took place here at Hamilton Farm where donors and sponsors alike were invited to come and listen to a historian talk about the history of Hamilton Farm, to watch a freestyle by Sarah Schmidt, and to, most importantly, socialize. I sat in the back as the guests congregated in the breezeway and then listened as the historian spun the tale of Hamilton Farm to all around:

  • Built in 1917 the 100th year anniversary will be in 2017.
  • James Cox Brady built Hamilton Farms, originally 5,000 acres
  • 3,000 acres under cultivation
  • NO motorized vehicles allowed
  • Mr. Brady's two sons were friends with Thomas Edison after father died in london at the age of 72
-During this part of the speech a horse from the stable called out when Barry mention that the land was being sold, to which Barry replied, "don't worry, you're not for sale." This earned a chuckle from the crowd.

  • The architect of the stable was William Wisemberger, a German immigrant
  • I had the pleasure of meeting his grandchildren, who for the first time since their father, have returned to Hamilton Farms
  • Later William changed his last name to Whiteman to avoid anti-Germanic scrutiny during WWII
  • In terms of the specifics of the building, fireproof brick was used, and the stable is designed in the letter "H"
  • For special events the horses would be paraded under the glass rotunda on a red carpet for the spectators above.

After the presentation, everyone went outside to watch a fantastic freestyle preformed in the rain by Sarah Schmidt.

As much as I love socializing, if there are horses and riders around, you will probably find me somewhere near them. I left the party and went down to the indoor arena, and on the way down guess who was walking up with his horse? Steffen Peters walking Legolas. Now my mom and her wonderful mare Somerhall had been a demo rider for Scott Hassler's Trainer's Symposium with Steffen Peters, and so I was dubious that he would remember me. But I think he did! He said it was good to see me again and asked how everything was going. I was so happy! Then I watched him ride for a bit and went back to my room full of petrified bugs and no internet. It was a really good day.

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