Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Construction Tuesday

If the sun did not wake me up at 5 am, the noise certainly did. Today is the big setup day at HF, and boy is it ever crazy. Fortunately it seems like all of the horses are used to this. Last night I went to find a Barnes and Noble with one of the groom here, Lauren, and Gidget (my Garmin) led us to Barnes and Noble's company...not the bookstore! However we finally found a B&N bookstore and had a wonderful dinner at TGI Friday's. But you are not reading this to hear about what I ate for dinner and the crazy insane traffic; you are reading this for the horses. So here are the updates for today!

  • Tina Konyot rode Calecto today and looked good. Fantastic Piaffe and Passage.
  • Saw a bit of Steffen's ride and as usual looked amazing.
  • Breanna and Kathleen are a super pair to watched, and looked like they had a good schooling session.
  • Adrienne Lyle and Wizard were creating magic today and I had the pleasure to accidentally end up behind Debbie McDonald and Adrienne's groom, so I got to hear her coach a little which was very cool!


The Barnes and Noble Gidget found for Luaren and me!

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