Monday, June 4, 2012

Hello NJ!

8 hours and 37 minutes. Google maps and Gidget my Garmin. McDonalds. Dave Mathews. My Movies playlist. A pillow. My mom.

That is all that the drive from Winston-Salem, North Carolina to Gladstone New Jersey took. My name is Collier Wimmer. I am a college student from High Point University interning for five weeks at the United States Equestrian Federation. I will be here for the Dressage Festival of Champions and the Para-Olympic Trials and basically I will be running around helping everyone get things squared away for the Olympics. I am a dressage aficionado, and I will be posting pictures and posts daily for the five weeks I am here so that you, the reader, can be kept up to date and entertained. Enjoy!

Here is a picture of Wizard and Adrienne Lyle coming off the trailer. Welcome to Gladstone Adrienne!

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