Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Grilling Out with the Champs

With all the office work going on, I had a chance to slip away and was lucky enough to be invited to grill out with Steffen and the gang. It essentially happened like so:

Steffen: Do you guys want to grill out?

Collective response: yeah, sure. It’s a nice night, why not?

Steffen: Do we have a grill?

Eddie: umm no

Steffen: Then I will go and buy one. How does steak and chicken sound?

Collective response: Good!

An hour and a half later we were grilling out with steak, chicken, salad, chips, and cupcakes. Oh and lots of drinks. The Spanish love their drinks. With Steffen as master chef, Dawn as salad maker, and Eddie and Rubin making sure everyone had a drink in their hand, we were set to go.

Although it took a while to put everything together. When the guys pulled out the instructions, we knew it was bad. I then asked Eddie, purely out of curiosity, if he read the instructions in Spanish or English to which he promptly replied, "French."

And thus, the Olympic flame of Gladstone was lit. From left to right: Dawn, Steffen, Tom, Eddie, and Rubin.

And why waste beer when you can use it to cook? Our master chef hard at work. Go Steffen!

And Ravel came in yesterday, I am happy to say he is right at home here. Eddie even made him a sign for his arrival!

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