Monday, June 18, 2012

A Rainbow of Ribbons

I apologize for the late post, but everything here has been super busy. I hope you all enjoyed the Festival of Champions, I know I certainly did! Now without further ado, here is your backside buzz from what went on this past weekend:

I had the wonderful chance to meet Ann Romney :)

Adrienne, Wizard, and me

Team Romney after the awards

Adrienne coming out of the ring. Debbie was standing behind me and by the end of the test she was crying and when Adrienne walked out, before she could get off, Steffen had lifted up Debbie to give Adrienne a big ole hug! This girl really worked hard for everything and I am so very proud of her.

Steffen and Legolas during their victory gallop

Tina Konyot and Calecto V during warm-up

Team Peters after Steffen's ride

Adrienne and Wizard going into the arena

Rafalca and Wizard during the awards ceremony

Steffen with a huge grin coming out of the arena after a very good ride.

Tina Konyot and Calecto V during their test

Team Peters looking on...and not breathing.

A mouth works as a third hand, right? Jan Ebeling and Rafalca with last minute checks before they go up.

The wonderful backside of the barn Sunday morning

Tina Konyot and Calecto V during the awards ceremony

Jan and Rafalca walking up to the arena

Another picture of Adrienne and Wizard as they make their way to the arena

Jan, Rafalca, and Sanna (Ralfalc's groom) as they get ready for the awards. Did you know that Sanna calls Raflaca "Girly"? :)

Legolas did not want to stand still for me!

Steffen trying to help my cause. Saying, "Smile Legolas, smile!"

Team Adrienne after her amazing ride....everybody was sobbing

Steffen and Legolas going into the arena.

Finally I got a decent picture of Legolas before awards!

Team Konyot after her ride.

A fellow North Carolinian and a good personal friend Jim Koford and Rhett. I was given the honor of putting on the Carolina blue ribbons for him. And I asked if I could take a picture to which Rhett promptly responded, "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn." Congrats guys!

Sue Blinks and Robin Hood!

Raflaca and Jan after their amazing ride. Dressage is #1!

So now that the Festival is over, and most have left it would seem like things are beginning to quiet down, right? Nah. Team Steffen is staying and Ravel will be coming in tomorrow. Adrienne and Wizard are staying, as is Raflaca. Tina and Calecto left about an hour ago but they will return July 5th. Everyone fly's out the 9th to London! Never a dull moment and I will keep you as up to date as possible!

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